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Enema Mistress

Punished And Humiliated By The Enema Nozzle!
Q: We're here with Mistress "D", a Domina who specializes in "punishment enemas" for her clients. Greetings, Mistress..or should we say enema Mistress?
A: Mistress will be just fine, thank you.

Q: So, I guess the first question our reader's want to know is...why enemas? LOL, I mean it's a rather specialized fetish is it not?
A: It is, but you'd be surprised just how many clients are into it...or dread it, which is the whole point, right?

Q: And how did you happen to develop your expertise in this particular BDSM lifestyle?
A: I was a nurse at a big hospital and had to give enemas to various patients on a fairly regular basis. I noticed to the women it was really no big thing, but to the men - they seemed to be VERY embarrassed about having a woman splay their ass cheeks and stick a nozzle up their anus. And then again, I also saw how many actually would become AROUSED by it too! Many would blush and stammer trying to hide the erection they would get when I started to lube their anus with my finger prior to inserting the enema nozzle. Of course, then having to hold the water in for a time and then rushing to bathroom obviously was uncomfortable for them, so I thought it would make a great activity for my femdom sessions. I was just beginning to work as a Mistress and was still learning what I would later use in my chosen profession.

Q: And when you decided to work full time as a Dominatrix, that's what you liked to punish your clients with?
A: Yes, but a punishment enema is quite different from a regular colon cleansing enema.

Q: How so?
A: Well, for one, I decide how long you'll hold the water in! And sometimes I am VERY cruel when it comes to administering it. I use an extra big enema nozzle to really distend the male's anus so he KNOWS he's being punished. And of course I put a cock lock on them so they can't get an erection without permission from the Mistress.

Q: I see. And how long to you typically make them hold it in?
A: Depends on wether they've angered me or I'm just bored! LOL! I love making them go about the apartment tidying and cleaning up while trying top hold a colon full of warm soapy water in! Any drips or messes and I punish them SAVAGELY! Seeing them red-faced and straining to keep from blasting a brown stream of warm water out their ass just gets me wet!

Q: Whoa, sounds painful. And when do you allow them to "release" their ...uh, burden so to speak?
A: After they promise to behave and agree to transfer even MORE money into my account! I then leash them, make them walk on all fours like a good little male dog and take them out onto the balcony where they can squat and relieve themselves on a small square of grass I have for toilet training my clients. Seeing some rich banker or bossy husband squatting like a dog and shitting a burning stream of liquid while trying to retain a shred of their pompous dignity is a hoot! Many times their wives also request a video of this part of the session and I gladly let them video it if they so desire.

Q: Their wives like to watch?
A: Oh, yes! Many times it's the wife who has contracted my services because she's tried of putting up with her husband's bullshit and wants me to break and tame them for her.

Q: Wow, an enema as a martial aid, huh?
A: Yes! Well put, LOL! If your husband won't listen, get out the old douche bag, bend him over and show that nozzle straight up his clenching asshole! That'll set him straight! LOL!

Q: Gulp, please don't tell my wife THAT! (both laugh)
A: Only if you PAY me not to!

Q: Well, we're out of time, so I'd like to thank you for answering our questions, Mistress. Is there anything you'd like to add?
A: Only be nice to your wife or your ASS is mine! LOL! Thanks and good by!

She Specializes In Femdom Punishment Enemas!